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Our Beliefs

Clients’ interests come first.
Acting in the best interests of our clients is our sole concern, without exception. As CFP® Professionals, we are committed to maintaining the highest ethical standards.

Everyone deserves financial security from the wealth they have worked hard to create.
The real value of money is what it enables you to accomplish. Financial security is important because it provides the opportunity to fulfill your personal goals.

Everyone can benefit from objective professional financial advice to build and preserve wealth.
Regardless of the amount of financial wealth accumulated, to make the most of it, you have to pay attention to it. An objective professional advisor should be at your side when you make financial decisions.

A customized investment strategy is best to achieve lifetime goals.
Everyone has different goals, so everyone’s portfolios need to be individualized to reach their goals.

Patient and disciplined ownership builds wealth.
We believe that the best way to build lasting financial security is through the patient accumulation of a diversified portfolio. Discipline is required to stay invested during the hard times and to take advantage of opportunities.

Focusing on what we can control, not on what we can’t, is the best road to success.
The decisions we make, not the markets, the economy or tax laws, have the biggest impact on our long-term financial security.

The future is unpredictable.
Although we may speculate about the future of markets, the economy, legislation or regulations, we aim to create strategies that do not depend upon a predicted future for success.

Everyone should have an asset accumulation, preservation, and distribution plan.
Growing your wealth is only part of the path to success. We believe it is just as vital to prepare for the distribution phase, making sure it coincides with any other income sources along the way. It is also vital to have a good estate plan in place when passing it to the next generation.

Our money is where our mouth is.
We pride ourselves in following many of the same strategies we recommend for our clients, often owning many of the same investments.

*All investments carry a level of risk and diversification does not ensure a profit or guard against loss.

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