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Wealth Management

Our practice is built around helping families in each of the three stages of wealth management: build, preserve, distribution. During these stages, you will need different resources and expertise. We will guide you through each stage as well as bring in corporate resources partners to assist in building a solid plan for each milestone.

  • Building Wealth (Working Years): In this stage you accumulate money, property, and other assets. Your goals may be financial independence, enhancing your lifestyle, purchasing a home, saving for education, and planning for your retirement. The foundations that are established in this stage are incredibly important for ensuring success for your family. Developing a solid investment plan that incorporates your risk tolerance, time horizon, and family goals is essential.

  • Preserving Wealth (Pre-Retirement Years): In this stage, clients typically reach their maximum income level. This is also the time the clients start restructuring assets to reduce risk to protect their hard work and begin to increase income. By this point, mortgages are usually paid and children are independent. This is the time to evaluate retirement plan distribution options and the tax consequences of investments.

  • Distribution (Retirement Years): The final lifecycle shifts the focus on client’s income preservation, their ability to maintain purchasing power and ensuring their to enjoy their desired lifestyle. Legacy consideration and estate planning gain prominence as clients age. Careful financial planning is essential to making sure your wealth lasts throughout your lifetime and beyond.

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